When a variation is depending on another variation type, the options are measured and fixed with specific variations. With this function, you create fixed the pick list that covers the offered variations.

Customers can select the variation you are offering on their web and mobile catalog.

For example, make the variations “size” and “colour” dependent on each other. Now, give the sizes of a product as XL and XXL. Assume that the size XXL has only black colour in the catalog Pick List, whereas XL has black and blue colours. Whenever, the customers select XXL, they will have only one colour option that is black. But when they select black, they can see both XL and XXL.

Follow the steps to create product variations dependent on another variation:

Select category to which you want to product variations dependent on another variation.

Select the field and “product variation” for mapping and click on radio button of “Dependent on another variation”.

After the field is selected, click on "Save" button to save the changes.

On the web, users can choose the option list from “size” or “colour”.

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