Select “Customs Forms” from the left side Menu and click on “Form” button

On “Custom Form” page, click on “+Add New Customer Field” to create new form

When click on pencil icon to edit the form, the “Form” page pops up

On the “Form” page, enter the name of the form in Form Name* field

In the “Form Type” field, click on the radio button of “Non-Product Related” to choose the form type

Select header icon from the list, choose the relevant group and click on "Save" button.

Page for non-product related form is shown in the image below

Now, click on pencil icon to edit customer details

Choose the type of field – Text, Text Area, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button, Customer Email, Calendar.

Enter the Field name and click on "Save" button

On web catalog, the users can view the icons of the forms on the right top of the catalog

You can more forms if necessary

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