To add products in particular category or sub-category, select that category and scroll down to the "Step 3 Add Product" to add the details of the product. You can attach the image as well as any file which you want to share with the product to your clients or team members. You can add the details by 3 different methods.

  • All Product  

In this section you can add the single product details at a time. Enter all the details and upload the image and files you want to attach if any with the product and click on save. 

  • Bulk Upload 

In this section you can add the details of multiple products at a time. Fill all the details of the all the products which you want to show in a particular category or sub-category and click on save.

  • Excel Upload 

Create categories and sub-categories for your catalog and download the template by clicking on “Export Template”. The template will have different sheet for each category and sub-category. The sheet will be named as C 0, C 1, C 2,….etc where “C 0” will refer to the first category and “C 1” will refer to Sub-category of category on if there is any, otherwise it will refer to category 2. Enter your products on each category and sub-categories in the excel sheets, you can also add or delete the product fields in any category or subcategory and add the details of the product. By importing the template, the system will automatically create all the product fields and products in the system.

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