Click on "Manage product fields" in Step 3 of "Product & Categories" page or scroll down till the last section on "Product & Categories" page. Here you can add, delete and manage the product fields. You will get 4 pre-defined product fields as Product Code, Product Image, Description and Price. From these 4 fields 2 are mandatory fields of Product code and Product Image which you cannot delete but can be renamed. You can delete the fields by clicking on cross “X” on the fields. If you want to add new field follow below steps.

  • Click on “+” button on the top of the section, this will create a new product field in the bottom. 
  • To rename the field click on the name and type the new name.
  • To define behavior select the field, then option will appear in the right select the appropriate option for your fields, following are the usage of different type ofoptions available

Text: - It will take text as the input.
Product Video: - It will take video as the input
Product Image: - It will take image as the input
Document: - It will take any document as the input
Product Variation: - If there are variants of a particular product
Youtube: - You can add the video for the product. There are 2 ways to do it, you can either add the video in the media library and add it in the product field or you can copy the embed code of  youtube and paste in the field. 

  • Clicking on “Allow this field information to be shared from catalog” will share the particular field information at the time of sharing with someone else.
  • Clicking on “Allow this field to display on Product Page” will display the field information on the product list page.
  • Group Name – If this field is assigned to particular User group then only that group can see the information field.

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