Product Fields are the details which you want to showcase in your product. You can define product fields by yourself which you want to show. Each row heading which you enter will act as a new element of the product. Like you can set the rows for Product Name, Product code, Features, Description, Price etc. You can also attach images or any other files which you want to showcase with your product details. 

There are 7 different types of product field from which you can choose.

Text: - It will take text as the input.

Product Video: - It will take video as the input

Product Image: - It will take image as the input

Document: - It will take any document as the input

Product Variation: - If there are variants of a particular product

Youtube: - You can add the video for the product from the Youtube. You can copy the embed code of Youtube and paste in the field.

Price: - This field will take number as an entry and act a product price. In the catalog when the products are added in the cart. It will add the price of all the products in the cart and gives the total cost.

Apart from these fields there are additional settings like.

When you click on “Allow this field information to be shared from catalog” it will share the particular field information at the time of sharing with someone else.

When you click on “Show the field with product thumbnail” will display the field information on the product list page.

Show this field to selected group(s) – In this field you can assign the product field to a particular user group(s), then this field information will only be seen by the users of that particular group(s). If this field is left blank then the this field information will be shared with all the users.

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