Yes, you can change few things from the CMS panel to customize your web catalog as per your needs. Below are the few changes which you can make through CMS.

  • Logo – You can select and fix your company logo in the web catalog.
  • Theme Color – You can change the background color as per your requirement for the web catalog.
  • Background Image – You can also select any custom image for your theme background. If you chose a background image then it will automatically replace the theme color.

Steps for customizing web catalog in CMS

  • Click on "Template" from the left menu bar in the CMS.
  • Click on "Web Catalog" to make changes in the respective platforms.
  • To select a logo click on the space provided for the logo. Upload your logo in the media library and double click on your logo in the media library when it gets uploaded.
  • To change the theme color click on the space provided for the theme color. If you know the hex code for your desired color, you can type the hex code and set or you can select the color from the color table.
  • To apply image in the background click on the space provided in the Background image. Upload your image in the media library and select and double click on the image.
  • Click on "Save Template" button to save your changes.

To make any other changes in your web catalog you can email us at

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