Registration form is an external registration form for your web catalog. Visitors will see a link on the login page to request access or to register for the catalog. You can setup the form and manage the requests received through the Registration form.

To setup the form, follow the below steps

  • Form Name: Give a custom name to your form.
  • Registration fields: You can add fields as per your requirement and you can also make the fields mandatory for the users.

After creating your form set your registration form settings. Following options are available in the form settings

  • Show Registration form on Web Catalog? Visitors will start seeing the Registration link. – This will enable the link on the login screen through which user will be re-directed to the form.
  • Automatically add request as a Catalog User for your catalog? – On checking this the users filling up the form will directly become the catalog user and can login and access the catalog instead of waiting for the permission to have an access to your catalog.
  • Automatically add user to group – You can select a particular group where the users who are filling up the form will directly getting add to that group and you can define the access of the group with the user group settings.

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