Adding products in bulk using Bulk Upload
Written by Chetan Chopra
Updated over a week ago

Navigate to Step 3 section after selecting your category.

Select the “Bulk Upload” tab to see a spreadsheet like interface. All the product fields in the selected category are shown as columns in the interface.

This interface can be used to type in the product information or do a simple copy/paste from any Excel/CSV file. Images and documents can be linked with product information by entering the name of the file along with the extension. Catalog Bar automatically maps the file name with the Media Library files.

You can use right-click functions to add/delete rows within this interface.

Don’t forget to Save your changes once done.

Tips: Product fields of type “Product Variation” and “Price” are not shown in this interface and need to be added manually from the Product Form. You may reach out to us at if you need help in importing multiple product variations or prices.

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