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Customizing the User Registration form fields
Customizing the User Registration form fields
Written by Chetan Chopra
Updated over a week ago

Select “Templates” from the left side Menu and click on “User Registration Form” from “Template Setting”

In “Create Registration Form” section, enter your form name in “Form Name” field

When you click on "+ Add Field" button to create new field, the “Registration Fields” dialog box pops up

Enter the field name in “Field Name” field as shown in the image below

(Example:Name, email, Contact No, Address etc)

You can choose the type of field – Text, Dropdown, Radio Button, Calendar, Text Area, Checkbox or Customer Email.

Tick on the check box of “Mandatory Field” if you want to make the field mandatory and click on "Save" button.

*Note: Field type for email is always “Customer Email”

You can add more fields and customize as per the requirements

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