Adding catalog users
Written by Chetan Chopra
Updated over a week ago

Select “Users” from the left side Menu and click on “Catalog User”

Under “Users List” section, when you click on “+Add New User” to add a catalog user, the “Add Catalog User” dialog box pops up

Now, enter the user details in the following fields:

Email – It is mandatory field

Member Group – select the user group from the drop down if the user is a member of a group

Owner Group – select the owner group if the user is the owner of that group

Tick in the checkboxes of mobile catalog and web catalog to give access to catalog

Tick in the checkbox of “Can Modify Catalog?” to permit the user to modify the catalog

When you, click on "Save" button to save the changes, the “Purchase Users” dialog box pops up

Choose the type of purchase and click on “Next” and the transaction page pops up

Enter the bank details, choose the country and language from the dropdown option and submit the form

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