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Creating Custom Forms in your Catalog
Creating a product related custom form
Creating a product related custom form
Written by Chetan Chopra
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Select “Custom Forms” from the left side Menu and click on “Forms” button

On “Custom Forms” page, click on “+Add New Form” to create new form

On the Form page, enter Form Name and click on the radio button to choose the type of form – Product Related 

Select header icon and product icon from the list and choose the relevant group.

Tick on check box to show the form on some specific categories and click on "Save" button.

On the page for product related form, click on "More" at the right side of name field

You will see “Add new customer field” and “Add New Product field” sections

Under “Add New Product field” sections, when you choose a field and click on pencil icon to edit it, a dialog box for mapping the product image with a category pops up

All the types of fields in Product Form is shown in the image below

When you choose a category and click on more icon of the category, you will the radio button of the product field as shown in the image below

(Example – Product Image)

Now, click on the radio button of “Product Image”

When you see the category, field turned from red to grey, click on "Save" button to save the changes.

On web catalog, users can see the image of the pick list items on “Order Cart” page

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