Understanding Pick Lists
Written by Chetan Chopra
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Pick List helps customers to choose the product from the catalog depending on their variations and values.

Follow the steps to create pick list:

Select “Custom Forms” from the left side Menu and click on “Pick List” menu

On “Pick Lists” page, click on “+Add New Pick List” to create new list and click on the “List Name” to rename it 

Note: You can add various fields associated with the products

Select a list from the “Pick List” and click on +Add New Value to add a new value as shown in the image below

Rename the value to suit the criteria of pick list and click on "Save" button

Now open “Product & Categories” page and select a category from Catalog Bar CMS

Add new product field as shown in the image below and rename it to suit the type of product variation 

Enter the variation in the “Mapping this variation to selected Pick List”. For example, size, weight, colour, quantity etc.

Mention it whether the variation is dependent or non-dependent by clicking on the radio button and click on "Save" button to save the changes

On web catalog, users can view the values whenever they open the product image

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