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Importing all catalog information from a single Excel file
Importing all catalog information from a single Excel file
Written by Chetan Chopra
Updated over a week ago

Import & Export allows you to make multiple changes in your catalog. With this feature, you can update your entire product catalog in one go. 

Click on “Import & Export” on the left menu to navigate to the Import & Export section.

Click on Export Template and download the Product Template Excel sheet. The downloaded Excel Sheet will already have the information of your existing catalog. An entry in the Action History is automatically added. You may refresh the grid to see the changes.

The downloaded Excel Sheet looks like the below sheet. A separate sheet represents each category. The first column in the sheet is the name of the category. The next columns are the product fields of that category.

The first two product fields columns (Product Code and Product Image) should not be removed the Excel but the product field names can be modified.

You may add more product fields in this category by adding more columns. The product fields will be automatically created as “Text” type with the name same as the column name.

Click on “Import a file…” to upload the updated excel sheet.

Once you have uploaded the template, the catalog is updated with the new information and users can see the changes on their web catalog and mobile catalog.

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